Nikki Langman

Nikki Langman

Endurance Runner, Int. Speaker

About Me

Nikki Langman is an American-born International Speaker, MC, Author, and Ultra Endurance Runner.

After battling drug and alcohol addiction for decades, Nikki discovered a passion for endurance running at age 40 and commenced her athletic journey, going from novice runner to competitive ultramarathoner in two years. She spent years and thousands of kilometers pounding the pavement pondering and exploring one question: “What does it take to become your most powerful self?”

The answers to that question are outlined in her book, “How to be a BADASS: Navigating Your Road to Self-Mastery”. In her book and as a Speaker, Nikki shares her BADASS framework for self-mastery and demonstrates how you can apply powerful principles in your personal and professional life every day to get the results you want consistently, increase your courage and confidence, deepen your authenticity, take more purposeful action, lead more effectively, and manifest love and respect for yourself at all times.

Nikki entertains groups and organisations globally about conquering adversity and becoming a mature-age female athlete and inspires with her message that, no matter what your starting point is or what you believe your excuses are, you can be anything you choose to be with the right amount of daily “badassery”.